I am Jannieke Lindhout. Owner of JNNK and since 2015 I have been active as a Marketing- and Communication Advisor.

A number of advisory projects to startups gave me the inspiration to also focus on business development.

Both branches in the company are strongly intertwined with each other. As a marketer, I look at a company with the eyes of a customer and the head of a market researcher. As a business developer, I am able to give more inclusions and discipline-transcending advice to a (starting) company.

In the past year there has been a steady increase in the number of projects. Both in marketing advice and strategic communications policy as wel as other market research projects.

As a result, I have gathered a circle of advisors and marketing professionals around me that can provide the manpower to tackle big jobs. 

In addition to providing greater strength, I am a firm supporter of the frase  'the whole is more than the sum of its parts'. Together we are more fun, better and faster.

After the business cases you have been referred to here. Below you will find the possibilities that JNNK can offer as an extension after the market research.

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New Proposal

With all this data that has been accumulated in the past months/years a decision can be made on the market entry strategy.​

On the left you find the possible 
projects/assignments that I could carry out for Viscolloids.

As all these projects are long term endeavors, I find it more useful to indicate the amount of hours I am available per month. 

Currently I am available for 15 hours a month. 

At a rate of €60 per hour.

(If more time is required I can consult with trusted partners on the possiblily of a joint project. So feel free to state your needs freely.)

Market research is the first stage in achieving a commercially viable list of potential clients. It is the first step of five: 1) Market research - 2) Prospecting clients - 3) Connecting clients with company - 4) Follow up and negotiations - 5)Sales.


  • Top level research (done)

  • Full market Report (done)

  • Market Entry Strategy: I formulate a market entry strategy for the guar market. With one of the business cases or a new plan and all the data from the company, I set to work on an effective plan of action. Advice on cultural intelligence, strategic advice on how to market your product and a focused marketing plan.

  • Prospecting clients: Agent or distributor selection: I list potential agents or distributors and check whether they have interest in working with you.


In the PDF file below you find the invoice for this project.

Terms and conditions

In the PDF file below you find the general terms and conditions for this projects and following endeavors. (in dutch)