Before you lies the report of the market research concerning the market around the product Guargum.


I assumed the following question as the basic assumption for creating this report.


"What do I need to know as an entrepreneur if I want to sell this product in NL, BE, DU, LUX tomorrow."

From that thought I have answered the following topics.


  • Price and volume, historical development, trends

  • Applications and companies in sub-areas

  • Legislation and quality requirements, preconditions

  • Action perspectives for sales, business cases

Place in the proces

Market research is the first stage in achieving a commercially viable list of potential clients.


It is the first step of five: 1) Market research - 2) Prospecting clients - 3) Connecting clients with company - 4) Follow up and negotiations - 5)Sales. I have done market research a couple of times, both small and extensive research, for several clients. Instances where I found market research a very useful tool for:

  • On the launch of a new product or service

  • While choosing areas/industries to focus and specialize in

  • During the process of development of organizational line of attack

  • In the event of decline in market share

  • During the period of changing industrial environment

  • For acceleration of company growth

  • In case of Viscolloids: orientating on a new market abroad.

Terms and conditions

No rights can be derived from this research. The general terms and conditions of Communication consultations apply to (the statements made in) this report. You can find the terms and conditions on the page about JNNK.